Cut & Stick
Cut and Stick featured work from a range of contemporary collage artists. The work displayed covered different approaches to the medium; from commercial collage work to sound collage, to collage as a method of documentation and sculptural collage.

James Green shows a ‘Art History Lesson’ which gathers collages showing his influences such as Lucien Freud, MF Doom, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Green Website

Lucy Irwins work plays with the graphic, gaudy aesthetics of advertising, characterising itself by an unapologetic use of vibrant, brash colours and trashy imagery. Lucy returns to the subjects of sex, icons, and female-directed advertising.

Irwin Website
Ben Giles takes his influence from the natural world, often using images of grass, flowers, and wildlife for his collages. In his recent work, Ben has started bringing his collage off the page and into sculptural form.

Giles Website

Sean Heather uses collage to play with the images of popular culture, making puns using the images he finds in popular, glossy magazines and retro picture books. The clash of images taken from two different times proves to be fertile ground for Sean’s sarcastic humour.

Heather Website

Jude Tedaldi’s performance 'Pausa' is an ongoing work, a collage of fragments, moments between the end of performances and applause starting. Each performance is recorded to work the sound of the audience into the subsequent performance. 

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